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Last update: January 11, 2022

Back in the semi-early days of the Internet, when we opened up a browser called Mosaic and hoped the lines weren't too slow, the Internet was fun. It had not been commercialized. What you found was what you were looking for -- information. This page is written in the text-based style of those old days when no matter where you started, you never knew where you were going to end up.

Best of all, there is no advertising here. None.

These are my current interests. If they're yours, too, I hope I can point you in a direction that will be helpful.

Things I have written:

A Guide to Robert Musil's The Man Without Qualities


Sites I like to visit/admire:

Oregon hikes: (to be expanded as I hike them)

MR-9 battery adapter:

Your older film camera used a PX625 or PX13 battery that is no longer made because of the mercury they contained. The voltage of modern
batteries that fit is higher, rendering them less than useful for powering a built-in light meter. The MR-9 Adapter steps down the voltage of the modern battery so you can use these
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Bob's Washington, D.C. Guide

High-quality restaurants and little-known sights you will remember forever.

Five jazz albums you should own:

How to win at:

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