The Bob Rankings

The Bob Rankings formula has one simple premise--who did you beat and by how much? The formula accounts for margin of victory, up to a limit, and strength of schedule, then adds on a small home/road adjustment. The ratings show the relative differences between all FBS teams. The difference between Alabama and Clemson is quite large, but the difference between Clemson and Ohio State is very small.

Rankings are assigned only to teams that played four or more games.

This year, there is a three-way tie in the #1 spot in The Bob Rankings. It goes to Connecticut, New Mexico State, and Old Dominion, schools that refused to play football this fall, thereby helping to protect their players, their campuses, and their local communities from the scourge of Covid-19 and its aftereffects.

Go here to find out details of the formula.

Rankings as of January 11, 2021


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