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Speciation: Evolution or Divine Intervention?

We notice that the genome of a human being and the genome of a chimpanzee are very similar. One interpretation is that the similarity is the result of the natural process of evolution. Another interpretation of this similarity is that it is the direct work of a creator. How do we determine which one this similarity is evidence for? Was it natural law or divine intervention?

If you were to read a college biology textbook, probably the first two or three chapters are solely about physics and chemistry. There is nothing in them about life. That’s because before we start talking about life, we have to understand the scientific principles that make life work. These principles and others added as the discussion progresses explain life processes.

This is because science is a seamless web. The same principles that work in laboratory experiments with non-living matter apply with equal force and effect to living matter.

If I go outside on a cold day without wearing gloves on my hands, and then come inside, it would be difficult for my cold hand to pick up a pen and almost impossible for it to sign my name in any kind of handwriting that resembles my normal signature. And it might take me a minute to do it, at least, until my hand warmed up.

This is because in order for the muscles to fire so my hand and fingers can maneuver the pen, certain chemical reactions in the muscles have to occur. Every chemical reaction is powered by a certain amount of energy. If that energy is lacking, the reaction does not occur. In humans this threshold energy this supplied by heat. The living body or the living tissue must be at a certain temperature in order for certain reactions to occur so that certain life processes may occur. When my hands are too cold there is not enough heat to drive the chemical reactions that my muscle fibers require to function. This has nothing to do with life. It has everything to do with basic physics and basic chemistry.

If you accept the explanation of the cold hand, and there are many more such examples that a trained biologist would be able to explain to you that you would likely also accept, and then you’re going to pick a particular life process, speciation, and say it operates not under natural law but under divine intervention, you are going to have to explain the basis you have for saying that physical and chemical laws apply to all life processes except the one you selected.