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The Cat Theory of Origins

The answer to the question of where did this all come from, why is there something rather than nothing, has perplexed the finest minds for millennia. Philosophers, theologians, and scientists have not been able to develop a definitive explanation. "We don't know" is the only answer we have right now, and that might be the only answer we will have for a long time to come. My cat explained why.

I have a cat. Five-year-old male, loves to play, loves to cuddle. But if I were to write on a piece of paper, "x+1=4, solve for x," and show it to my cat, he would look at it, then look at me with his "When are you going to feed me?" expression. It is absolutely impossible that he could ever comprehend first-year algebra, let alone what first-year algebra even is. His brain just can't do it.

In the same way, it is entirely possible that the answer to the question of origins is out there in plain sight, but our brains have not evolved to the point were we can see it or comprehend it. It might take millions of years for a creature to evolve that can.

I'm not saying this is definitely true, and is my position on the subject. Nor do I intend this as a way to dodge the issue or say or we should just give up the quest. Taking a difficult problem and approaching it step-by-step is how humans work. We need to know, and our successes along the way are what give us advances in other areas of human life that benefit us all.

So if the people who are searching for the answer to our origins keep searching, and the people who think they have The Answer can think that maybe they don't quite, everyone would be better off.